Alvadam, an abbreviation of Albert A. van Daalen Ministries, was founded shortly after the start of the ecumenical conciliar process of justice, peace and integrity of creation. Alvadam is a global group of corporations, including a non-dogmatic Dutch ecclesiastical entity (kerkelijke rechtspersoon) located in Amsterdam Zuidas, the financial center of the Netherlands. Albert A. van Daalen is the founder and executive of the group, and research and publication minister.


Research and publishing to promote justice, peace and integrity of creation

Since July 2019, Alvadam wants to contribute to the aforementioned process by conducting research and publishing the results. The independent research must come from a detailed understanding of human behaviour, economies, cultures and societies in order to drastically redefine the crucial decisions that we need to make. These decisions may involve the future direction of our economy, ways of broadening and strengthening education provision at all levels, or how we deal with the effects of climate or constitutional change. The humanities and social sciences teach us how people have created their world, and how they in turn are created by it.