Calls by phone or Skype by appointment only. As a global professional I can be in a meeting or conference call or travel to or stay in a different time zone. Please send me an email or message if you would like to arrange an appointment for a call. Without an appointment, it may be possible that I cannot be reached. Please note that private numbers will not be answered and during weekends and bank holidays my offices will be closed. But you can send me an email anytime.

Free call and meet to greet

There is no charge to initially talk by phone or other kind of virtual meeting. In reviewing and/or discussion in face-to-face meetings about services to be provided, I expect at least compensation for necessary travel and accommodation expenses in advance.

About fees


Payment of my facilitating work depends on necessary expertise, experience, location and the financial capacity of client's business or institution. As a professional I may charge per hour, or on the basis of a fixed fee. Depending on the agreements, payment of fees can be one-off or periodically, but always upfront, and a settlement upon completion of a project. For more complex cases, an agreement may set a payment schedule based on milestones or outcomes. Different rates apply to my other services. 

Contact details for services in Dutch and English 


SkypeIn #:albertavandaalen

T: +31.85.301.32.25 (extension 101)


Mailing Address: Keurenplein 41 (D470), 1069 CD Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe)