,Facilitator in corporate finance and real estate

I studied theology, philosophy, and business administration with a minor in corporate finance. I worked as an educator, cleric, administrator, and advisor. From mid 2011 I'm an independent entrepreneur in business and finance. I focus on facilitating a global intermediary in capital sources, between capital seekers and capital providers, and real estate for businesses and institutions, as well as advisories in asset protection and corporate migration. Worldwide. (You can find more information on the webpage 'Services'.)

(Freelance) writer and online tutor

After a few years I wanted to resume the practice of science that I practiced as a lecturer. This time as a (freelance) writer for everything related to humanities and social sciences. Mid 2017 I wrote my first articles and a guide to good governance. Soon I received my first assignments for drafting documents for compliance and rules in corporations and editing grant applications before they are submitted to governments. That is why I’m also available as a  writer. (You can find more information on the webpage 'Publishing'.) To share my knowledge and own experiences as an entrepreneur and (non) executive, I started my online learning business in 2019. I discuss cases in the field of practical management about what people want to know. (You can find more information on the webpage 'Academy'.)  After ending my confessional bound church ministry at the end of 2011, I developed myself into a libertine, especially as a freethinker in religious matters and other ideologies.

"Failure is success in progress" (Albert Einstein)

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for solutions and alternative ways or doing everything. And crucially, an entrepreneur doesn't give a damn about failure because he or she knows that failure is in fact, discovery. Some entrepreneurs stated, "The only way I will know if something works is doing it and that means doing what seems impossible or unlikely." Entrepreneurs are comfortable with failure, almost enjoying it, of course as far as clients are not disadvantaged. This is because every experience, positive or negative tells us something. If we are working in a specific area of expertise, corporate finance, real estate, for example, our experiences of doing will become a rich mixture of interconnected successes and failures. I have experienced it myself in my intermediary business.

Unbiased, professional advice and support

Those experiences are involved in my expertise as a professional in business and finance. The result is that I'm able to give unbiased, professional advice and support that is always in the best interest of my clients.


View my LinkedIn profile (#:albertavandaalen) for my curriculum vitae. You can find all contact info on the webpage 'Contact'.